Buckeye Candy Recipe with Coconut

Buckeye Candy Recipe with Coconut 0

My daughter is officially an Ohio State Buckeye! I’m planning her HS graduation party with an Ohio State theme and thought it would be a cute idea to make some Buckeye candies. These sweet treats resemble the the nuts from our state tree, the Buckeye. They are a common Christmas staple here, and the flavor(…)

Portable Strawberry Cage

Portable Strawberry Cage 1

I have a small strawberry patch in a bed next to my garage, and last year I didn’t get to eat a single ripe strawberry because the birds and squirrels got to them first!  I love fresh strawberries so I did some research to find a way to protect my strawberries from these critters.  I(…)

When to Transplant Tomato Seedlings

When to Transplant Tomato Seedlings 0

This is the third year that I have planted most of my crops from seed.  The first year didn’t go so well, but last year I figured out that one of the keys to successfully growing plants from seed is knowing when to transplant them.  In my first year I let the tomatoes get way(…)

My new “home & garden” blog

My new “home & garden” blog 1

When I first started the Chickettes blog my intention was to write about a variety of topics, but it quickly turned into a nail blog. In my mind nails & beauty don’t mix well with home & garden posts, so I decided to create a space where I can write about these topics separately.

Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Frosting Recipe

Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Frosting Recipe 0

I make cut-out cookies with my daughter almost every Christmas and this year I experimented with the recipe a bit because I wanted a cookie that would hold its shape and taste good. Usually I end up with one or the other. I thought I would share this because they turned out SO good this year. :)

Coffee Table Transformation

Coffee Table Transformation 1

So I found this super neat coffee table at a local consignment store for around $30.00, fell in love with the carved wood style and thought to myself…  “southern style”! I took it home and came up with a plan. Make it look FAB! So here is a run down of what I did! 1.(…)

How to Make a Chalkboard

How to Make a Chalkboard 1

If you follow me on Facebook or Pinterest you might know that I’m in the process of redecorating my office.  I’ve always wanted a chalkboard for my office but I couldn’t find one that looked nice, so I decided to make one.  I found my inspiration for this project here.  I headed to my local(…)

My 2011 Halloween Party… A Year Later

My 2011 Halloween Party… A Year Later 0

Halloween is my favorite time of year.  I’ve always loved scary movies, anything paranormal related and getting dressed up.  Last year I decided to throw a little Halloween gathering for my girl friends… it was actually a themed game night.  I’m also a crazy competitor and love playing games, so I combined the two. I(…)

Canning Homemade Salsa from Fresh Tomatoes

Canning Homemade Salsa from Fresh Tomatoes 19

Let’s talk tomatoes… I planted 5 varieties of tomatoes this year, and with 14 plants and only one person in my house that actually eats them (me), you can imagine that I have an abundance of tomatoes. I gave a ton of them away to neighbors and friends, but decided to preserve some of them for myself. My favorite thing to make with fresh tomatoes is salsa!

Homemade Photo Light Box

Homemade Photo Light Box 0

Lookie what I made!  It’s a light box for photography.  I always struggle to find the right spot for lighting when I take pictures.  Indoor pics at night seem to turn out dark and miscolored, and sometimes the daylight shots are just too bright, so I looked into light boxes.  I found several pre-made ones(…)